1. Try something new
  2. Do not expect to be good at “new thing”
  3. Do not get deterred or annoyed when you are bad at “new thing”
  4. Celebrate small victories and be able to laugh at yourself
  5. Try again

I am bad at a LOT of things. It seems to be human nature for people to gravitative toward what they are good at and ignore what they are bad at. This obviously makes sense since being good at something feels awesome and being bad at something… well you know. This, although painfully obvious, seems to be a very limiting way to approach life.

As an adult I have focused primarily on what I am good at. Such as sewing, and some more sewing, and some more sewing after that, with some creative crafty projects mixed in the middle. When I finally made time to try something completely new I was baffled and frustrated because it had been so long since I’d done something I was truly horrible at. Have you tried Silks? Or playing guitar? Or making a logo? Doing your own taxes? Or cooking vegetables?! I have and I am horrible at all of the above. My method for cooking vegetables is still throwing them all in the pan at the same time and letting them figure it out among themselves. 

We tend to emphasize and talk up what we are good at because they are strengths and therefore we are proud of them. We avoid talking about what we are bad at since if feels like something shameful. Like a flaw or weakness. People aren’t totally honest about what they are bad at because of this. There is this “fake it till you make it” idea. That is something that I am horrible at. Mostly because it feels gross and it isn’t fun at all.

I resent ALL of these thoughts and feelings. The only way to get good at something is to start out being bad at that specific something.

One thing I am really horrible at, that I would really like to be good at, is having an Etsy shop. I make a lot of things and it would be beneficial (unndersttattemment) if I was able to share those things with the world, or just the few people who stumble upon my Etsy. Also, it would be probably be convient to make a bit of a profit. Just saying, just breaking even would be aweeesooommee. Art supplies cost money people.

There lies the challenge! For the month of June I am holding a Maker Marathon. I challenge myself to make 1-3 items a week and post them on Etsy. My goal is to not over think it, bypass my anxiety, and just let myself experiment and be bad at something.

Since blogging is another thing I am bad at I will also write one blog a week about what I am working on and why. Like an artist statement. Except a really bad and an unprofessional one. A super unprofessional silly artist statement. A sil-rtist-atement.

Cool! Now that I have set the bar SUPER low let’s see what happens. 🙂



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