The Storyteller Wallet was created because I couldn’t find what I wanted in the world, so I tried to figure out how to make it. I think this is the motivation for most makers.

I wanted a wallet that was feminist, fun, and functional. I had to go through many many many versions until I found what I was looking for. Even now I still think it can be improved upon, but I think that about everything that I make. 

Goal One: Let’s start with functional. From my limited perspective women carry around a lot more crap then men do. Whenever my partner and I go somewhere I have a backpack and he has a wallet and maybe keys. The more responsible women get the more bags of stuff they seem to acquire going from point A to B. Large purses and several tote bags do not seem out of place amongst moms. Plus there is the well known “black hole” bag phenomenon. That one bag you carry around that has so many things in it you can never actually find what you are looking for.  Going to pay for something is similar to going cave diving. I wanted something that would hold more than a man’s simple leather wallet but more compact that a woman’s bulky large billfold wallet.

Goal Two: Feminist. This is just a fancy way of saying I wanted it to fit comfortably in a normal sized pocket. The “pocket” is a feminist symbol that, as a clothing sewing, I really appreciate. When a dress or cute pants has reasonably sized pockets it is ridiculously satisfying and worth bragging about. I am not making this up, it is a THING

Goal Three: Fun. I cover a lot with this simple word. Firstly it needs to be aesthetically enjoyable. I didn’t want something serious and sophisticated I wanted something joyful and fun. As a culture we are all forced to view money so seriously for obvious reasons such as food and rent. That stuff is pretty damn important. But one of money’s functions is a key to our adventures. Either ones you experience by getting on a train or a car to somewhere new or just solely as a consumer. Something as simple as getting a beer with a friend or supporting small woman owned informative niche companies.  I purposely wanted this wallet to look like a good time.

It also needed to be enjoyable in a tactile sense. The toy Jacobs Ladder was one of the inspirations for how I wanted people to interact with it. Both it’s appearance and it’s functionality are meant to make you smile.

I personally love the contradiction of having the keeper of all your most important symbols of adulthood being as silly and fun as possible while still doing it’s job. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere guys.

Testing out some new product pictures since I am the worst at taking professional ones check it out HERE.

See behind the scenes HERE.

Semi related information link CLICK HERE.


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