So this necklace is based off a thaumatrope toy that was apparently popular in the 19th century blablabla persistence of vision information information information. I literally have no idea how to pronounce that word I didn’t even know what it was called. It was in a movie once for two seconds and I fell in love with it. I don’t even remember the movie. Prestige? Or the other vintage looking magician movie. You get the idea.

I spent HOURS trying to google the right combination of words to figure out what it was. “Circle, flipbook, toy”, “old image flipper”,”circle on a string with a different frame on each side”…etc. I finally stumbled on the correct google image search and (un?) trusty old Wikipedia gave me enough information to communicate my visual brain workings to other humans.

Two important things about this “art object”, if I may be so bold as to call it.

The first is it’s construction which was completely out of my comfort zone. My background is in sewing. I have been sewing for over a decade, I teach sewing, basically went to school for sewing, my friends sew, I have been working a wide variety of sewing jobs for about eight years. But unfortunately my imagination doesn’t always jive with my expertise. I am a concept and process driven maker. Which is really REALLY not profitable, let me tell you. Especially when the idea that won’t get out of your head doesn’t work in any type of medium you are comfortable with. I tried embroidery, stencils, embroidery/painting combo. None of it worked right.

I finally gave up on trying to use something I had and started looking for materials that I could figure out how to make do what I want. Which has been a joouuurrnneeyy. If you have been doing something long enough your body self corrects subconsciously to make the work more accurate and efficient. With sewing my muscle memory is pretty awesome at this point and I am completely unaware of all the minute motions my hands make until they start hurting because I keep doing things over and over again. With this primer, stencil, spray paint, jewelry business it took me a long time to get it OK and it still isn’t as sharp as I want it to be. But it finally got it to a point that if I upgrade my materials list this guy can work. I hate primer paint, but we will some how learn to respect each other. Somehow.

The second “thing” is what it represents. Which sounds real cheesy. Just embrace it. Let this paragraph happen. A thaw-muh-trohp (thank you is literally the epitome of what I want to accomplish with everything I make. It is simple, clever, creative, tangible, and induces a tiny bubble of wonder. Objects that first appear to be ordinary and then prove themselves to be anything but are the definition of magic. They make you do a double take. Re-access your original impression. It forces you to view something differently. Magic in the mundane. Give you a different perspective. Which is all I really want to do. Make things that give you a different perspective no matter how tiny or subtle it is. Easier said then done I think.

Etsy listing HERE!

Video of this necklace in action HERE!

Semi-related information link HERE.


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