Having an idea and creating a object is a bit like traveling through dimensions. You have to go from your imagination to reality. I feel like I get lost on that trek more often than not.

In my imagination everything is both possible and looks amazing on me. But when I go to make it in the real world I loose something in that transition. For me it is a puzzle to try and figure out what needs to happen in reality to recreate the essence of my idea. There are a lot of compromises and letting items grow organically based on what the materials want you to do. The combination of gravity and a four way stretch with a lot of drape is going to limit some of those possible ideas.

Add in a deadline and strict guidelines and I can guarantee you that my finished product will be a steaming pile of poo.

A lot of the time I make a perfectly good garment it just looks like trash on me. Unfortunately my brain is unable to perfectly render my ideas on my size 14 rectangle body. It might look fine on someone else who doesn’t have some many weird angles and cushion, but it’s not helpful to me.

When I try to force fabric to do something it doesn’t want to do it always looks wrong. It is a shame that art is limited by things like the laws of physics (or is it an exciting challenge? Undecided). By, “wrong”, I mean you look at it and your first response is the scrunch up your face and say, “uhmmmmmm…”. It usually takes a moment for you to locate and be able to express the innate, “wrongness”.

When I compromise with my materials and focus on what I was trying to accomplish in essence opposed to focusing on the concrete details, all my work comes out much more satisfying.

It’s like when you have a fancy shindig to go to and you can’t find the right outfit to wear. Your whole closet magically turns into an unflattering hole. You might rush to make a skirt out of zebra print knit an hour before you have to leave. Running late because you know too much and are trying to match up your stripes. Every time I do this I only wear the garment once and it is so poorly constructed I usually scrap it.

There is something debilitating about make a garment that needs to full fill a certain amount of requirements by a deadline. It doesn’t give me time to let me find the best route from my imagination to reality.


This happened with my sister’s potential wedding dress that I tried to make out of our grandmother’s wedding dress. Epic fail, see above. Also my Maid of Honor dress. Please throughly enjoy all the unflattering blobs at the top! But when I give myself the time and freedom to figure it out. BAM! Check out this rocking jumpsuit:




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