I hate the responsibilities of adulthood. I do not hate adulthood! Being in charge of me is AWESOME. Having choices is awesome. I hate checking voicemails, emails, and actual mail. I hate insurance paperwork, loans paperwork, tax season, and trying to figure out estimated tax payments. I hate having to think about credit cards and a retirement fund.

A wonderful symbol of all the responsibilities of adulthood is PKW – Phone, Keys, Wallet. A playful acronym created by the weirdly sexy Lincoln Rice of Broad City to help Ilana be a responsible adult.

As an “adult” we need to have money, license, phone, and keys. We need to be able to buy things, identify ourselves, be available for work/loved ones/robots to contact us at any time, and get into our apartments/cars/jobs. All in order to do all the things adults do on a daily basis.

PKW is turning the symbols of adulthood into a visual joke. Each item is made to double as a child’s toy. The wallet is a Jacob’s Ladder, the Pop Socket a Wire Mandala, the keychain a Thaumatrope. All of these toys are based on kinetic energy. So the more you interact with them the more you discover their hidden playful nature. The idea of a visual joke is I provide the set up, which is the item, and you discover the punchline, which is what the item can do. Magic in the Mundane!

My PKW series is the definition of, “The creative adult is the child who has survived”, Professor Julian F. Fleron.

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