(this entertained me to an irrational extent 😉 this might become a thing)

Observation: Hemming pants is more complicated then hemming shorts or a dress. Usually with shorts or a dress if you don’t have it the exact correct length, it is very hard to notice. With pants it is a little more noticeable. If they are too long you trip, if they are too short you have unplanned ankle exposure. Neither of these things are the end of the world but are very annoying.

The proper technique to hem any garment is the Subject wears said garment and stands very still. Movement on the part of the Subject will lead to incorrect data for the person marking. The “Marker” uses a ruler to measure from the floor to a chosen Horizontal Balance Line. Twelve inches up is a safe choice because of the length of most rulers. After the Horizontal Balance Line (HBL) has been marked all around the Subject’s garment the “Marker” then measures from the HBL down to the desired end length of the garment. This measurement is how the garment is then marked and hemmed.

Hypothesis: This HBL Hem approach is impossible without two people. I believe that marking the irregular height of a waistband on a wall while wearing the garment can be accurate guide in solo HBL hemming.

Prediction: In accurately marking the height of a waistband at Center Back, Center Front, and both Side Seams, this will provide the information needed to tack the pants to the wall at these four points to simulate the slant of the body. Then while the garment is tacked to the wall the Marker can measure the HBL from the floor, per usual. This does not account for the difference in marking pants on a more 3 dimensional shape (the body) versus what we will be doing which is marking the garment on a more 2 dimensional shape (the wall).


Step 1: With garment on stand straight against a flat wall.


Step 2: To the best of your ability accurately mark Center Back, Center Front, and both Side Seams by placing thumb tacks on the wall.


Step 3: Remove pants. Tack them onto the wall using your markers at Center Back, Center Front, and both Sides Seams.


Step 4: Measure and mark from floor up to establish Horizontal Balance Line.


Step 5: Measure down from Horizontal Balance Line to desired length. Use this measurement to hem your pants.


Conclusion: It works well enough for me :)! No tripping and no weird unintentional ankle attention. I vote a win.


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