Behind the Makes

Tree Secrets, 2018

A Series Fabric, wire, book collage 12″ X 10″ Trees are silent observers. Their apparent timeless indestructible facade stands witness to everything and anything. When I look at them I think of fairy tales and everyday magic. They make me happy, sad, scared, and awed just like the best stories.

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Sacred Not Precious, 2018

Mixed media on leather with wire 26″ X 19″ Sacred, not Precious is a Self Portrait. It started with my desire to cut open who I am and see what was inside. From there it naturally evolved and developed in different directions. This piece in an apt representation for, like myself, it will never feel…

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Rooted Thoughts, 2017

Mixed media on fabric with thread 28″ X 32″ Rooted Thoughts illustrates “Thought”. An idea can originate from different places and have different motivations or drives then turn into something very different once it enters reality. In addition it might create unexpected ripples. Click for video.  

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