Originals: Homage to Failure

Homage to Failure is a shrine built in honor of all my past failings. It is all my past artwork that I have kept collaged into a sphinx like creature. The Sphinx was a story about a creature with a head of a woman, body of a lion, and wings of an eagle that went around asking everyone the same riddle. Many people failed to answer and only person succeeded. It represents the overpowering importance of the discarded journey.


Failure rules most peoples lives and decisions. People are often motivated by fear of failure, avoidance of past failures, or learning experiences cause by failures. If you think about how often people hope/pray to avoid failure, it seems to be a god just based on it’s reputation and relevance. One that people fear and definitely do not respect. I am at a point in my life where I am trying to view Failure as an adventure and not something to be ashamed of. Life is literally a journey that involves more failures than successes. If I continue to fear and be ashamed of failure the result will be being scared and embarrassed about the majority of life.

Check it out at the Dorchester Art Project Opening July 20th 2018. For more info about the show click HERE.

Below are images of some of the artwork I used to create this sculpture: