How to be good at being bad at something

WHAAAaT am I Doing – Burnout

WHAAAAT am I doing- burnout. Have you ever gotten to a point where you are like, “I kinda should really maybe stop blaming other people for my failings”. When growing up with a chalk full of hormones, it is very easy to blame your parents or your circumstance or whatever is conveniently true and blame-able.… Continue reading WHAAAaT am I Doing – Burnout

How to be good at being bad at something

Objects Worthy of Life?

Creatives who make objects have a responsibility. There needs to be a balance between the desire to create and the desire not to add more junk to the endless human junk-pile. Society is so full of stuff. There is such an emphasis and obsession with physical objects. That makes sense since we are physical beings… Continue reading Objects Worthy of Life?


Sewing Under Pressure Sucks

  Having an idea and creating a object is a bit like traveling through dimensions. You have to go from your imagination to reality. I feel like I get lost on that trek more often than not. In my imagination everything is both possible and looks amazing on me. But when I go to make… Continue reading Sewing Under Pressure Sucks

How to be good at being bad at something

Homage to Failure

Homage to Failure is a shrine built in honor of all my past failings. It is all my past artwork that I have kept collaged into a sphinx like creature. The Sphinx was a story about a creature with a head of a woman, body of a lion, and wings of an eagle that went… Continue reading Homage to Failure