Discipline VS Healthy Habit

The Goddess Transition project began with me trying to force myself to be more healthy. If you are a human who can communicate with other humans you have probably been introduced to the “cure all” that is yoga. There is the ongoing joke that whenever someone is complaining about literally anything an annoyingly optimistic listener will ask, “have you tried yoga?”. Not. Helping.

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A New way of Internet-ing (for me)

Tiny Moment Timline. May 2020- Jan 5, 2021. Click here for knitting pattern.

Social Media is something I am both addicted to and have participated half heartedly in. This doesn’t mean I want to become more immersed in the digital sphere (I check Instagram more than enough), just that I would like to do it with more intention.

Instead of so much spontaneous image sharing I want to try and have my sharing revolve around my thoughts first, images second.

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