How to be good at being bad at something

Holly PLAYsuit Hack

I love (seriously luuuurv) the Holly Jumpsuit pattern by By Hand London. But the "Playsuit" version is just not playful enough for me. Especially construction wise. Typically anything with a required invisible zipper is not "playful". The adjectives I would attach to garments with invisible zippers are, "elegant", "sexy", and, "fitted". So this is a… Continue reading Holly PLAYsuit Hack

How to be good at being bad at something

(Selfish) Boyfriend Sewing Debunked

In mastering a craft it is important to figure out what about it gives you satisfaction. For me, my satisfaction in any craft is experimentation and discovery. Therefore hemming 20 pants is going to make me want to kill myself or someone else very quickly. This is why I am a very selfish sewer. I… Continue reading (Selfish) Boyfriend Sewing Debunked

How to be good at being bad at something

The Horizontal Balance Line Hem Experiment

(this entertained me to an irrational extent 😉 this might become a thing) Observation: Hemming pants is more complicated then hemming shorts or a dress. Usually with shorts or a dress if you don’t have it the exact correct length, it is very hard to notice. With pants it is a little more noticeable. If… Continue reading The Horizontal Balance Line Hem Experiment

How to be good at being bad at something

Tiny Bites

An overly long, and probably unnecessary, deeper look into the inspiration behind my newest art work, Weather Peace.   This piece was an attempt at self- acceptance. I could say something like, “I was diagnosed with hereditary chronic depression three years ago and since then have received continual treatment”. But that doesn’t sound true at… Continue reading Tiny Bites

How to be good at being bad at something

Flat Pattern Alterations WB Secret Pages!

Here are some pages from an earlier draft of my Flat Pattern Alterations Workbook ! They talk about the important basic idea behind altering and truing a pattern. If you like what you see make sure you buy by $5 PDF on Etsy!    


Abstract Emotion Samplers, 2018

Abstract Emotion Samplers A series 30" X 11.5" Spray Paint and Thread on Cardstock A visual representation of emotions inspired by the beautiful compendium of words by John Koenig, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. In 0rder from top to bottom: Rubatosis: The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat. Chrysalism: The amniotic tranquility of being indoors… Continue reading Abstract Emotion Samplers, 2018

How to be good at being bad at something

“The Creative Adult is the Child who has Survived”

I hate the responsibilities of adulthood. I do not hate adulthood! Being in charge of me is AWESOME. Having choices is awesome. I hate checking voicemails, emails, and actual mail. I hate insurance paperwork, loans paperwork, tax season, and trying to figure out estimated tax payments. I hate having to think about credit cards and… Continue reading “The Creative Adult is the Child who has Survived”

How to be good at being bad at something

The Craft Show Cherry POP

First. Craft show. Ever. Took me years to muster up the courage to do this. It just took trying to conquer years of insecurity, lack of direction, and one spray painted iron board later WALA I spent 7 hours standing in front of my measly wares watching people respond to a variety of my work… Continue reading The Craft Show Cherry POP