A New way of Internet-ing (for me)

Tiny Moment Timline. May 2020- Jan 5, 2021. Click here for knitting pattern.

Social Media is something I am both addicted to and have participated half heartedly in. This doesn’t mean I want to become more immersed in the digital sphere (I check Instagram more than enough), just that I would like to do it with more intention.

Instead of so much spontaneous image sharing I want to try and have my sharing revolve around my thoughts first, images second.

To be honest I don’t think my work is that magnificent to speak for itself. But I do think my ideas are wonderful and worth exploring. Which is why I keep making things and will always make things. One day, hopefully, my actual work will catch up with my concepts and process.  But it won’t stop me from making either way.

I just finished reading Show your Work by Austin Kleon, and it was so refreshing. Enlightening in such an easy to read way. Kleon knows how to communicate with visual thinkers. I am trying to make my way through a couple of other books for creatives and it has been a slog with “homework” like feelings. 

So I plan to show my work in a new way that focuses more on my thoughts and process first and foremost using the Scientific Method as a loose guideline. Let’s see what happens, oh endless Internet Void.

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